Anyone that knows me knows that I am generally very orgaznied and have my "you know what" together. Well this year, that was not the case. I feel like Thanksgiving came without a warning. We did not have a menu put together, I had no idea what I was doing with my table decor, nor did I think about it until an hour before dinner was ready. Somehow, it all came together better then if I had planned it. The food was amazing and I was very pleased with the tablescape!

My mother in law, sister in law, brother in law and their adorable 18 month old daughter, Tatum all came down for a week to celebrate thanksgiving. Not to mentinon my husbands grandma and other brother came on Thanksgiving as well. So it was a full house!

Let's just say this Thanksgiving will go down in history! Cameron (my 1 year old) was teething - 4 freakin molars coming in all at once on the morning of giving thanks! THANKS! My 18 month old niece, well we can just stop there - 18 months old - no need to say more!

As we gathered around this beautiful table, us adults couldn't help but laugh bc it was the most un enjoyable thanksgiving meal of our lives - probably the most un enjoyable meal of our lives all together. If Tatum wasn't screaming, Cameron was screaming, Caden (my 4 1/2 year old son, was melting down over the possiblity of sleeping in a tent while going camping with his dad, THE NEXT DAY! The only child that was an angle was Kylie, no shock there really.... All I can say is thank god we had WINE. I don't even really think I ate and my mother in law said "well this is the first year I didn't over eat or gain weight on thanksgiving!" In the moment, us moms of the young kids were emotionally wrecked, but looking back you can never really have a bad thanksgiving when everyone you love is healthy and happy (for the most part:)

Here are a few photos of the last minute table and the FAM


Chairs: (barrelback slipcovered chair in sand)

Table: (frank table white lacquer)

picture frames:


Vintage "SURF" letters

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